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After an auto accident, you might be in shock and disbelieve that it has happened to you. The question is what is the next right step? We can help you to organize your case into a directed legal strategy and help you all way to the end of the case.     

When “personal injury” happens? 


When another person or entity injuries another person due to negligence or recklessness and as a result of these negligent actions you suffer injury, physical or mental.  


The most typical personal injury situations are the following: 


Automobile accidents, due to speed or due to phone use, or some other type of negligence, causes an accident and you suffer bodily injuries because of it. We've represented countless people, who have been injured in automobile accidents and we've recovered up to six-figure settlements in some instances.  


Wrongful death, when somebody dies due to other wrongful behavior. Our firm has represented clients in wrongful death actions and successfully settled those cases to the client’s satisfaction. We have experience and the required resources to take your wrongful death case to litigation and a successful resolution. 


It costs you NOTHING to hire an attorney at our law firm. 


We handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means there is no charge to hire our attorneys to handle your injury case. We will advance all costs, then at the end of the case, we will take one-third or less from the settlement amount plus the actual cost of the case. 


Our firm has helped to recover settlements in many difficult cases and in some cases where others gave-up. We fight hard for all types of cases and do our best to recover the highest recovery amount for clients. 

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