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Get Compensation for Your Auto Accident Case

Crashed Car

Auto Accidents

According to the U.S. Department of transportation, around 110,000 people in Wisconsin are involved in car accidents annually. A high percentage of these collisions (37%) result in severe injuries.


We know the stress a traumatic event can cause and even more when your life's on the line.


Andriusis Law Office specializes in handling car accident cases from minor impact collisions to major damages. Our team is committed to ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are often stereotyped as reckless people for the simple fact of riding a motorcycle. But the truth is when a motorcyclist is involved in a collision they don't have the benefit of being surrounded by a steel frame or airbags. 

Unfortunately, when motorcyclists are involved in accidents they are more likely to suffer serious injury and death as a result. Andriusis Law Office offers professional and aggressive representation to motorcycle accident victims. 

Fast Lane

Aircraft Accidents

Aircraft accidents could be caused by different factors (runway, pilot error, regulations violation, defective or worn parts, weather conditions, or contaminated fuel), and finding out why an aircraft crashed is important in learning whom to bring an action against, whether it is the airline, pilot or airplane manufacturer.

At Andriusis Law Office, we have the expertise and knowledge to manage aircraft accident cases if you or someone you know was in an aviation crash or lost a loved one contact us. 

Truck Accidents

In the U.S. there are around ten million trucks actively operating, and it only takes one overworked driver to change a life in an instant. 

Accidents with commercial trucks involve a different set of issues than normal auto accidents. At Andriusis Law Office we have a complete understanding of what a truck and tractor-trailer accident case demands and we have the necessary resources to pursue your case. 

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Truck Accidens

What Our Clients Say!

I contacted this firm a day after my car accident and after accepting the firm the response rate was impressive. All my questions were answered and even questions I didn't know to ask. I believe I made the best choice in personal injury lawyers.


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