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If the car-accident is not your fault then you get compensated for your loss!!!

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Under accident laws for majority states , if accidents involving two or more drivers, the at-fault driver is the one who would have the liability and the responsibility to pay for damages caused in a car crash. The at-fault driver's bodily injury liability insurance will be the policy charged with covering the other driver’s medical expenses, and their property damage liability would cover the other driver's car repairs.

After establishing fault in Wisconsin, the person found responsible for the crash will be required to cover all damages, which are typically handled through that person’s insurance company. Because fault must be established in the event of a Wisconsin car accident.

Right after an accident it is very important to act responsibly and in accordance with State law and never leave the scene of an accident. Leaving an accident scene is detrimental and can cause revocation of driving privileges and can also lead to license suspension. The traffic must not be obstructed and the cars involved in the accident must be moved to the side of the read. Thereafter notify 911 to report any injuries and call for medical assistance.

It is advisable to gather information from the drivers involved in the accident as follows:

1. Name, address and contact details.

2. Driver license number.

3. License plate number of the vehicles involved.

4. Auto insurance information for the drivers involved or of the owner of the car, if available.

5. It may also be useful to take photographs at the scene of the accident.

The accident must be reported to the police but if police are unavailable to file an accident report then a Driver Accident Report has to be submitted within 10 days of an accident. It is advisable to notify the auto-insurance company about the involvement in an accident. If injured in an accident and need medical attention then it is advisable to retain copies of any medical expenses incurred.

Following an accident, it is advisable to spend time restoring health and property than dealing with state agencies, insurers, and courts hence, a lawyer can help guide you through the process and help ensure that you are fairly compensated for your damages.

Consider contacting a personal injury attorneywho are experienced in dealing with auto accidents.

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