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Key Factors to Calculate the Auto Accident Claim Amount Accurately

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Auto accident cases are generally very simple. They include a victim and a party-at-fault. The victim can easily get a huge settlement amount if he/she hires the right auto accident lawyers for the legal case. The total amount of claim that the victim can get from the case depends on various critical factors like the damage incurred to the victim’s body, car, and mental health.

With support from auto accident lawyers in Milwaukee, you can easily claim a huge settlement amount in the car accident cases. The professional lawyers can help you assess the amount that you will most likely as the settlement offer in a case based on the following factors.

Physical Damage to Your Body

If your injury is visible and obvious, the chances of getting a better settlement amount increases by a significant factor. The jury usually sympathizes with the victims who suffer from a visible physical injury. The best accident law firms in Milwaukeehave partnerships with various hospitals and medical clinics who can provide expert care to you. These centers can also generate the necessary medical reports for you for filing purposes.

The top lawyers can leverage the medical reports from a certified clinic to get the best settlement offer for you.

Physical Damage to the Car

The physical damage incurred to your car after the accident also determines the total settlement amount that you can expect from the case. In some cases, the lawyers can showcase the condition of the car to show the severity of the accident. In such cases, the victim might walk away from the scene of the accident without a scratch and still receive a massive settlement offer.

In the worst-case scenarios where your car is totaled after the accident, you can expect the best settlement offers.

Pain and Suffering Damages

The best lawyers can blow this component of the claim out of proportion to help you get an excellent settlement offer. The pain and suffering component of the claim is generally unquantifiable. Therefore, no online settlement calculators can help you calculate these effectively. In such situations, you need the expertise of a professional lawyer to calculate the settlement amount accurately.

Negligence by the Party-At-Fault

Are you 100% sure that the accident was caused due to the third-party and not your mistake? In either case, you need to hire a lawyer immediately who can handle the case for you.

• In Case You Are at Fault: If you forgot to turn on the turn indicator or applied brakes suddenly which caused the accident, the defense lawyers will try and pin the blame on you. In such cases, your lawyer will defend you on the stand.

• In Case the Third-Party is at Fault: In such cases, the auto accident lawyer will help you get the best settlement deal on the table. You have the right to fight your own case without any legal support. However, you should preferably choose the best lawyers in town who can help you get the settlement amount that you truly deserve.

Existing Financial Conditions of the Victim

The existing financial condition of the victim matters a lot in such cases. A person who is relatively richer and has a better paying job will be able to squeeze out a higher settlement amount. Such people are in a better position to negotiate during the trial. On the other hand, a person who is then unemployed and looking for a job actively might not get a super high settlement offer.

The best lawyers will negotiate with the defense counsel on your behalf and never accept the first offer. Instead, they will push back for a better offer that will eventually be exponentially higher than the initial offer.

Loss of Earnings After the Accident

After the accident, the victim might need to rest for a while and get the necessary medical treatment from the certified doctors. Under such situations, the individual cannot resume his/her day to day work. In such cases, the salaried individuals might lose a considerable portion of their savings in taking care of their families. Therefore, the loss of earnings component will typically be handled by the defense counsel.

People who are employed with higher perks and packages will automatically be entitled to a better settlement offer than people who lie in the lower income bracket.

Several other factors like the quality and the quantity of the evidence collected after the accident determine the total settlement amount that one will receive after the accident. In any case, you must hire a professional auto accident lawyer in Milwaukee as soon as possible after the accident. Such lawyers can help you handle all the legal formalities related to the case in an efficient manner and win a huge settlement amount too.

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